Forum has curated a list of fun activities for you and your students to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15th to October 15th .

Activity 1: Listen to a Playlist curated by our Forum team

Listen to our “Amor en Tiempos de Corona” music playlist, created by our team during the COVID stay-at-home order. Discover the wide variety of rhythms that the Spanish speaking world has to offer.


Activity 2: Join our Free Virtual Exchange

Connect your students with a classroom in Spain for a free virtual exchange project! If you are interested in being matched with a school, please submit an interest form!


Activity 3: Prepare some Delicious Desserts 

Show off your cooking skills by making some typical desserts. We have selected one of the easiest but also most delicious recipes to cure any sweet tooth: Arroz con Leche, Crema Catalana, Cajeta de Coco or  Banana Calados.


Activity 4: Hispanic Trivia Video 

Our Forum geography geeks Sarah and Santiago created an interactive quiz that will entertain your students. By answering the questions of our Country guessing game , your students will discover how many different cultures and regions the Hispanic world has to offer.


Activity 5: Binge-watch a Netflix Series in Spanish

Lose all sense of time while watching a Spanish speaking series such as “La Cocinera de Castamar”, “La Casa de Papel”, “La Casa de las Flores” and “La Reina del Flow”. Our team’s top pick is “Las Chicas del Cable”.


Activity 6: Dive into the World of Hispanic Literature 

If you are more of a bookworm, why not pick a book of Isabelle Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, or Mario Benedetti? Or if you are more into modern literature, check out the 20 most anticipated New Latinx Books of 2021!

And why not taking your students on a literary tour by reading some Latin American short stories featured in this collection of international stories?


Activity 7: Sign up to a Latin Dance Class 

Enroll in the Latin Dance Class you have always wanted to swing your hips to! Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Cumbia are only a few of the dances you can show off your best moves with.

Why not show your students this Latino Dance Challenge Tik Tok Video to motivate them to sign up to a course too?