School Tour & U.S. Education System

Connecting Classrooms is a free program that connects classrooms in the U.S., Spain and France for a virtual program in which students share videos/media with their partner school.

For the first activity, students will create a video tour of their school, share their daily routine/school life, or create an informational video about the U.S. education system.

Suggested topics:

Video tour of your school/daily school life

  • What time do you wake up? How do you get to school? What time does school start?
  • What are your classrooms like? Do you have only one classroom or do students rotate between classrooms during the day?
  • What materials and resources does your school provide (e.g., textbooks, library, media center, gymnasium)?
  • What classes/subjects does your school offer? Can students choose the classes they will take?
  • What do students typically do after school?
Student Daily Life in California

U.S. Education System

  • What type of schools are there in your community (e.g., public, private, charter)?
  • What are the course requirements in your school district/state/country?
  • What subjects/courses are most popular amoung students?
  • What are exams and testing like? How does college admissions work?

Video Format

Video Layout & Content

  • Introduce yourself amd the purpose of the video, e.g., “Today we will tell you/show you…”
  • Presentation & discussion of topic
  • Ending – What questions do you have for your peers abroad and how can they ask you questions?

Video length: 3-4 minutes

Audience: Students at your partner school who are curious about daily school life and the education system in your country.

Activity guides


Cole shares about his daily routine and school schedule during the stay-at-home order.