Exchange Programs

Make your campus global.

Give your students the opportunity to expand their global perspective and develop authentic connections with peers from a different part of the world.

How a school exchange works

We´ll match you with a partner school in Europe that will host you and your students for 9 to 15 days.

Your students will attend school daily and stay with the families of their exchange partners, allowing them to truly explore, understand, and dive deep into the target language and culture. As your students fully immerse into the life of their host family and school, they´ll rapidly develop their language skills and experience a type of personal growth and empowerment that can only happen in this unique setting.

Your entire school community benefits as your partner school will send a small group of students to you for a reciprocal experience — giving all students, not just those that travel, the opportunity for cultural exchange and connection.

Get started

First, download our Teacher’s Guide to Organizing an Exchange. It explains the steps for organizing an exchange and will help you determine if an exchange is the right program for your school.

Next, schedule a call with a Forum Program Adviser who will answer any additional questions you have.

Then, once you´re ready to officially begin the process, submit a School Profile form.

Sample Exchange Programs

See examples of tailor-made exchanges organized by our partner schools.