French Teachers

Until the early twentieth century, French was the lingua franca, and today we are seeing another surge in it’s popularity. With almost 275 million people worldwide speaking French, it is a main or official language not only in France, but in other countries in Europe, North and West Africa, and Southeast Asia.

A language long loved by poets and aristocrats, some have said that French is set to reclaim its title as the world’s most commonly spoken language by the year 2050. What better time is there than now to expose your students to the diversity of people and culture in the Francophone world?

Cultural Tours

Completely customizable and always private, our cultural tours are a great way for your students to get a taste of a new culture and practice their language skills.

Language Immersions

Blend the travel component of a tour with the educational benefits of an exchange with our language immersion programs.

Exchange Programs

Our short-term school exchange programs give your students the chance to push their language skills to the next level. What better way to learn a language than by fully immersing yourself in it?