Language Immersions

Propel language learning beyond the classroom walls.

Our Language Immersion programs blend the travel component of a cultural tour with the benefits of a homestay experience.

How it works:

Hosted by local families, students spend their evenings at home, sharing in family meals and seeing the world through a different cultural lens as they apply their language skills in daily life.

During the day, students rapidly develop their communicative competency while having fun exploring their new environment with their peers through participation in a rich array of educational and cultural experiences.

Teachers can also participate in their own ‘immersion program’ by staying with a host family or can choose a hotel or apartment stay.

Tailored programs to fit every objective.

Our highly-customizable programming allows teachers to choose from a combination of engaging field trips, in-depth site visits, cultural activities, and optional daily language classes led by Spanish ELE or French FLS instructors.

Opportunities around the world. 

We offer language immersion programs in the following locations:

Spanish destinations: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Perú, Spain

French destinations: Canada, France