Language Immersions

Propel language learning beyond the classroom walls.

Our Language Immersion programs blend the travel component of a cultural tour with the educational benefits of an exchange program. With every language immersion program, students are hosted by local families and spend their evenings at home with their host family, giving them plenty of time to practice their Spanish or French. We offer language immersion programs with a variety of schedules and class types to meet the needs of your group.

During the day, your students will participate in a variety of activities, language classes, and cultural visits before going back to their new ‘homes’ for dinner and night accommodation with their host families. While living with their host families, students will be fully immersed in the culture — sharing family dinners at the standard meal times, spending time with their host siblings, and practicing their language skills in real-life situations. The bonds formed between students and their host families result in lasting friendships and strong international ties.

Group leaders will also be given the opportunity to participate in their own ‘immersion program’, and can choose to stay with either a host family, or at a hotel or apartment.

Immersion programs to fit every objective.

For students seeking to earn academic credit or simply bump up their knowledge in a specific aspect of the language, we offer programs that combine morning language classes, led by Spanish ELE or French FLS instructors, with cultural activities and site visits in the afternoon. If cultural immersion is a top priority, we also offer programs where students attend classes at a local high school each morning, followed by activities and visits in the afternoons.


Opportunities around the world. 

Our top destinations for Language Immersion programs are France, Canada and Spain, where we have offices in Paris, Montréal, and Málaga, respectively. We regularly visit the academies and schools that host our student groups and often have the chance to meet our travelers during their stay. We also offer Language Immersion programs in beautiful Martinique, Costa Rica and Ecuador. These programs are held to the same high standards for our travelers, and we visit the program locations yearly.

In Spain, students have the opportunity to take their Language Immersion one step further by integrating their favorite hobby or learning a new skill outside the classroom. Along with daily cultural activities and language lessons, students can take additional classes in areas such as classical guitar, tennis or fashion design.