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Cultural Tours

Rather than selling “all sorts” of destinations, we have decided to focus on what matters to foreign language teachers – and to be present on those destinations. Visit the top museums in a city and discover its most unique spots while learning a local dance or dish; you could even visit a local school where your students will meet other teenagers… Anything is possible when you have a team eager to customize your language experience.

Forum by Prometour puts at an armss length several destinations for you, French or Spanish teachers.

Francophonie, we believe, implies France, but not only France. That´s why we also offer different, closer to the U.S., opportunities like Antilles françaises (Martinique and Guadeloupe) or Québec.

For Spanish learners, we could not restrict ourselves to Spain. With an estimated 550 million castillan-learners in at least 15 countries, we intend to make the difference by proposing Costa Rica, Cuba and Uruguay as alternative choices.

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Connecting Classrooms

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We offer programs for everyone.

If for some reason you are not able to travel, we still have a program for you: we will help you get in touch with a teacher and a classroom from a different part of the world. Your students will be able to develop their language skills with foreign students in a similar situation.

Communication takes place over the duration of the entire school year during which students will interact with their exchange partners via email, Skype and other readily available social networks. They may share conversations about sports, fashion, recent events, or anything of their own interest. You could even plan, with the teacher abroad, teamwork between both of your students.

Each school will have, later on, the opportunity to travel with a group of students to the partner school. Travel is a relevant part of an exchange program, but it is not mandatory.

Exchange Programs 

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An exchange program is a chance to bring students from different countries together, as well as their teachers. It is an excellent opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a different culture, practice and improve their foreign language skills and make international friendships.

By accepting the partner school paired by Forum Language Experience, you are agreeing to have any travel between the two paired schools organized by Forum Language Experience. The trip consists of a group of foreign students and their teacher(s) travelling abroad, integrating into the life of a foreign school and residing with the families of the students whom they will, in turn, receive. Travel dates will be agreed upon by both schools and each stay will be for a period of between 9 days and 2 weeks. During their stay abroad, the foreign students will participate in daily life like any other member of the school community and of the family. Although this is recommended but not mandatory, some schools will organize some activities to promote better integration.

Visiting your partner school is an excellent alternative to language immersion programs and tours as it offers the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a different culture practice and improve their foreign language skills and make international friendships. Travel costs are significantly lower in comparison to the price of an immersion program or tour as the participants will be hosting their counterparts and the number of excursions can be limited. Exchange program trips are highly recommended by most schools and many of Forum Language Experience clients have had their exchange in place for years.

1. Authorization to run the exchange program at your school

2. Capacity to host a group of foreign students in American families between 9 days and 2 weeks. Capacity to accommodate, in class and within your school, a group of foreign students attending school between 4 and 7 days (to be determined).

3. Minimum Group size of 10 students and two organizing teachers who will both travel and receive. You may be required to adapt your group size based on the number of exchange partners – and vice-versa.

4. Receiving families should be chosen by the organizing teacher based on the family’s capacity to receive foreign students in a welcoming and secure environment.

5. Activities (either curricular or extracurricular) offered by the organizing teacher to the foreign group are welcome.

  • Match your school with a foreign school based on the information provided on the Exchange Program Request Form
  • Advise organizing teachers during the exchange program.
  • Advise organizing teachers for the planning of their trips.
  • Book minimum services (flights, insurance and transfers between the airport and the receiving school).
  • Organize and book excursions based on each group’s requirements.
  • Confirm with the foreign school the details pertaining to the exchange program: class level, number of students in the class… 
  • Select and pair the students participating in the exchange program
  • Keep regular contact via e-mail or phone conversations with the foreign teacher and Forum Language Experience.
  • In the case of a trip, confirm dates, length of the stay, visits, activities, academic program and other services that will be offered to each other.
  • Provide the exchange teacher(s) with accommodation. Should you not be able to host the exchange teacher(s), please specify it on the Exchange Program Request Form.
Here are the steps to follow to get the process started and details to help you along the way.

Fill out the Exchange Program Request Form. Based on your answers, we will look for a compatible school abroad.

A tentative exchange partner is found. This process generally takes from 1 week to 4 weeks. Forum Language Experience will put the two teachers in contact. 

Organizing teachers will then confirm the following points pertaining to the exchange program: language student’s level, number of students in the class…

You can start communicating with your class partner! 

In the case of a trip, they will also have to confirm travel dates, number of days at school, estimated group size, weekends with families, excursions and activities, daily expenses and accommodation for group leaders.

Finalize your itinerary with your Forum Language Experience consultant. The quote will include airfare, medical and cancellation insurance, airport transfers at destination, and costs of optional excursions. The excursions are prepared upon request and you may choose to do several or none. It is all up to you.

Schedule an Information Meeting to recruit interested students and families. Ideally, both schools should have an equal or similar number of students signed-up. Should it be necessary, additional host families may be required (students hosting but not traveling).

Register your students on the trip. Students will need to register online (fill in an online registration form and make a first deposit for the trip) in addition to filling in a Student Profile Form, this last form will be provided by a Forum Language Experience representative and it is meant for sharing with your partner school in order to do appropriate pairings based on likes, age, etc. 

Confirm host families. Organizing teachers should work together to confirm compatible pairs based on the student profile forms. Also, details regarding the trip will be reviewed between the two schools: school curriculum, dress code, local transportation, meals at school, etc.

You are ready to go!

One month before the group’s departure (to the host country), Forum Language Experience will send to the Group Leader: the airline tickets, the final exchange itinerary, and last recommendations. 

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Language Immersions

A language immersion is an attractive proposition for a foreign language teacher. Students live with host families and the group leaders normally have the option to stay in the hotel, apartment or with host family.

You may opt for a language academy where, under the supervision of a Spanish ELE or French FLS teacher, your students will attend class three hours every morning, partake in cultural activities in the afternoon, and live with local host families.

This program is ideal for students requiring credits, or wishing to specialize in certain aspects of the language, although it is also available to the more average learner, including beginners.

Before starting the program all students go through a language exam to define their needs.

Discover your French immersion!  Discover your Spanish immersion!

Teacher Training

If you are a teacher and seeking for a summer abroad, Forum by Prometour is also offering teacher training programs. Travel to France or Spain to work with the most prestigious linguistic institutions for a part-time intensive training. Develop more your cultural and language skills by immersing yourself in a foreign culture and at the same time meet other teachers and have lots of fun!

For Spanish, Forum by Prometour is proposing a perennial destination of choice for those who are eager for new experiences: Malaga. Choose the Malaca Instituto and La Brisa Escuela de Español – for a unique mini-campus environment – or the International Center for Spanish which has been offering Spanish courses of university quality standard since 1947.

For French, enjoy your training at the University of Strasbourg – ranked 4th French University by the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2015 (Shangai Ranking). The International Institute for French Studies in Strasbourg offers a variety of university degrees (DU), language courses and programs in French language culture.

In your spare time you will also have the opportunity to discover the region where you are staying by participating in activities organized by your Institute. Alternatively, if you have something special in mind, we can help you turn those plans into reality!

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