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If for some reason you are not able to travel, we still have a program for you: we will help you get in touch with a teacher and a classroom from a different part of the world. Your students will be able to develop their language skills with foreign students in a similar situation.

Communication takes place over the duration of the entire school year during which students will interact with their exchange partners via email, Skype and other readily available social networks. They may share conversations about sports, fashion, recent events, or anything of their own interest. You could even plan, with the teacher abroad, teamwork between both of your students.

Each school will have, later on, the opportunity to travel with a group of students to the partner school. Travel is a relevant part of an exchange program, but it is not mandatory.

The only obligation you will have with Prometour is that,  if you finally decide to make this trip, Prometour will be the organizer for your customized trip.