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Who We Are

In 1991, the Prometour Group launched its first customized group travel program for students and their teachers. In the years since, the Prometour Group has expanded to offices in Canada, France, Spain, and the United States. The Prometour Group’s newest member, Forum Language Experience, has offices in Málaga, Spain and San Diego, California, and specializes in creating unique, tailor-made programs for language teachers and their students.

The word Forum derives from Latin and translates to ‘what is out of doors’; meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged (Oxford Dictionary). We have adapted this concept to the experience of learning a language, by helping students from around the world to connect, exchange, discover, and improve their language skills together.

At Forum, our mission is to help you open the world to your students through authentic language learning opportunities and intercultural connections. We go a step further than traditional student travel — using our professional network and intimate knowledge of each destination country to create experiences that truly immerse your students in the language and culture. We believe this is the best way to forget the book and start the lesson.

Through Forum’s programs you and your students can:


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